Photography by Christopher Sheils
Eclectic Light
About Christopher Sheils Christopher Sheils grew up in Melbourne Australia and studied photography at RMIT. He worked in commercial photography for twenty five years and throughout has had a passion for street photography and urban landscape. In recent years he developed an interest in visual literacy and intensified study into psychology, psychiatry and the neurosciences. Ongoing projects reflect that interest with "In Absentia" examining Semiotics and psychoanalysis in the context of photographic theory. The overriding theme of "In Absentia" is absence. The absence of humanity challenges the viewer as a member of histories most egocentric species. Christopher also expands on his extensive studio work to regard the urban environment as a studio set and selects locations for the quality of light and absence of reflections and specular highlights. The quality of light is an essential and has prompted him to shoot predominantly at night. "Two and a Half Miles" and subsequent projects considers creativity and visual style influenced by the research of the Behaviorists into creativity concluding with a paradox that the development of visual style inhibits creativity. The work also differentiates between problem solving and creativity. He also concludes that the evolving dichotomy between the Realists and the Pictorialists has never, since the infancy of photography been resolved and that photography has influenced the development of painting in the twentieth century far more than painting has influenced photography. Recent work, the Time series, is based on studies into cognitive and visual perception. An Illusion called the Necker Cube shows that our brains are unable to perceive two possible realities simultaneously. The brains response will be to either fluctuate between realities as in the Necker Cube or to merge the realities into a plausible unreality. It is this limitation of visual perception that the images in the Time series exploits. In 1999, Christopher Sheils won the AIPP Victorian Advertising Photographer of the Year award. He is currently a member of the Los Angeles Centre of Photography and the Soho Photo Group in New York.
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